Murder In Mind Review

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Confused mish-mash of a film finds a woman undergoing hypnosis to determine who murdered her husband, a crime for which she is the chief suspect.


A neat little gimmick thriller. Mary Louise Parker seems to have gutted hubby Jimmy Smits with the garden shears, but it takes suavely ambiguous hypnotherapist Nigel Hawthorne to winkle out enough memories of abuse and attempted murder to form the basis of a self-defence case. But Parker's memory continues to play tricks, and the plot gets crazier as various versions of the past leak into her mind.

With twist after twist coming with every session you start to lose track of what you sat down to watch in the first place. It's a nice little premise but poorly executed. On the plus side there are sound performances from Hawthorne, Parker and Smits apart from that nothing really comes to mind.

Mindless thriller, with some decent performances