Mum & Dad Review

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Lena, a Polish airport employee is lured back to the home of fellow cleaner where she discovers a domestic hell unfolding...


Lena (Fedori), a Polish girl working at Heathrow Airport, is lured to the home of cheery fellow cleaner Birdie (Ainsley Howard) and finds herself impressed into the horribly happy family of chic sadist Mum (Dido Miles) and Dad (Perry Benson), a petty criminal who turns serial killer when he loses his temper. This Brit horror uses slightly overfamiliar abduction/bondage/torture but goes for suspense as well as uck, and writer-director Steven Shiel gets credit for his nasty spin on lower-middle class British social realism. Benson and Howard are outstanding as an ordinary Sun-reading bloke and his chirpy daughter, whose banal talk and family values segue into homicidal frenzy.

Suspenseful, satirical Brit-thriller