Mozart's Sister Review

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Mozart's sister Nannerl (Marie Féret) is five years his senior and also a gifted musician, but if their father has anything to do with it, her talents will take a distant second to finding a husband. Friendship with King Louis XV’s son (Fouin) may offer a


A worthy companion-piece to Milos Forman’s Amadeus, this is a superior speculation on the Mozart family that eschews feminist cant to present a melancholic treatise on transient celebrity and wasted talent. Director René Féret laudably resists the temptation to taint the 1760s with modern sensibilities, but tinkers with history in having Nannerl (Marie Féret) forge friendships with Louis XV’s heir (Clovis Fouin) and cloistered daughter (Lisa Féret). But such is the brilliance of the Versailles setting and Marie-Jeanne Séréro’s pastiche score that the fictive elements feel as authentic as the insights into Nannerl’s life as a child prodigy, whose opportunities are limited by her gender and the growing fame of her younger brother, Wolfgang (David Moreau). An audiovisual masterclass.

An expertly forged alt.history with a refreshingly tough female lead. Good tunes, too.