Motherhood Review

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A mother of two in Manhatten faces a herculean task to pull-off her daughter's 6th birthday party.


KILL BILL FANS SHOULD LOOK away now: this not-so-yummy mummy comedy sees Uma Thurman in a very different mode.

She’s Eliza, mom of two and frustrated wife of editor Avery (Anthony Edwards). This day-in-the-lifer sees her racing around New York trying to prepare for her daughter’s birthday party while battling traffic wardens, superior mothers and put-out friends (including a scene-stealing Minnie Driver). Meanwhile, the lure of a writing competition is causing Eliza to re-evaluate her life.

As an account of stressed parenting it’s certainly authentic, and parents may feel reassured and amused by Eliza’s sea of minor misfortunes. For anyone else, this one-trick pony has limited appeal.

An authentic account of stressed-out parenting, but anyone sans sprogs will find limited appeal in this one-trick pony.