Mother's Day Review

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When a bank heist goes wrong, three criminal brothers head tp their mother's house for refuge. But she's moved, and the house is now occupied by a young couple (Jaime King, Frank Grillo), who are taken hostage by the brothers. Then their mum (Rebecca De Mornay) turns up and things go south.


The Original Hand That Rocks The Cradle psycho Rebecca De Mornay, now 51 and ageing beautifully, plays the matriarch of a criminal family which, after a robbery goes south, holes up at the house they used to own — with the new owners and their friends as hostages. As the tension ratchets up, along with the threat level, the friends begin to turn on each other in a desperate effort to save themselves and those closest to them. Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II to IV, sticks the knife in and twists it slowly — with perhaps a couple of twists too many. Nevertheless, for those who like their horror with a little more character meat, this is a gory, effective chiller, with a dash of social satire (it could have used a dash more) and a faint whiff of misogyny.

A nasty little chiller from the Saw director with the evergreen De Mornay on top form.