Mortal Passions Review

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Todd is set for an early grave until his brother shows up and takes care of the would-be killers


Wimpish Todd (Zach Galligan, who didn't exactly set the world on fire after his mogwi-loving turn as Billy Pelzter in Gremlins) has a big house and an shamefully unfaithful wife, who plots to kill him with her lover. Then Zach’s tough and extremely over-protective brother turns up, kills the fancy man and immediately gets stuck into some passionate humping himself while the corpse cools next to them in the same room. Nice.

Shrink David Warner sits on the sidelines and a talky Sheila Kelley is the girl on the trail of the dead man. With its kinky sex, brutal murder, and sometimes farcical suspense, the decent pay-off makes this well-worth persevering with.

This calculated audience teaser works surprisingly well.