Mortal Fear Review

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Elderly and middle-aged patients in a big-city hospital are mysteriously dying, soon after having routine check-ups. When one of her friends becomes the latest victim, a doctor becomes suspicious of everyone around her, including research doctors and her new lover.


Coma author Robin Cook only has one plot, and here it is again as a feisty doctor (Joanna Kerns) notices something amiss with a series of mysterious deaths and uncovers a medical conspiracy to make unethical use of a miraculous breakthrough. When a geneticist who may have discovered a cure for the ageing process coughs to death, Kerns has to work out who has decided to kill off all the patients who abuse their bodies by smoking and drinking and thus waste hospital time. Is this sinister, arrogant raving beardie Robert Englund? Or is it calm, handsome, sincere Gregory Harrison? No surprises.

Average beyond belief

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