Morning Glory Review

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Eva Lovelace (Hepburn) is the small town girl who moves to New York City dreaming of theatre stardom.


Nothing to do with the recent Harrison Ford desk-com, this chirpy 1933 RKO drama, set in the world of New York theatre, saw Katharine Hepburn bag her first Oscar (for only her third role) as ditzy wannabe actress Eva Lovelace. It’s standard understudy-becomes-star business, like Singin’ In The Rain without the singing or rain, or All About Eve without the acid undertones. Fortunately, it’s elevated by Hepburn’s chirpiness and Mary Duncan as the bitch A-lister she usurps. It was remade two decades later as Stage Struck, with Susan ‘daughter of Lee’ Strasberg.

Hepburn shines in her first oscar winning role while the film itself is standard fare.