Moomins On The Riviera Review

Image for Moomins On The Riviera

Moomins head off to The Riviera and learn lots of lessons about the superficiality of glamour and the futility of jealousy.


The ever-popular Moomins return to the big screen in Xavier Picard’s short but sweet feature, for the first time overseen by creator Tove Jansson’s niece, Sophia. Inspired by Jansson’s self-illustrated comic strips and novels, the animation team do an excellent job of replicating her original sketches as the Moomins head off for their hols on the French Riviera. Soon seduced by the wealth on display but clearly bound to learn some life lessons, the Moomins’ adventure is, despite its French joie de vivre, full of the knowing wit and wry Nordic wisdom which have ensured their popularity since 1945. A treat for the whole family.

A treat for the whole family.