We Are Monster Review

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Robert Stewart (Alexander), a disturbed, young, racist offender, is placed in a prison cell with an Asian lad convicted of a petty crime. Stewart's alter ego urges him to fulfill his violent fantasies.


There are shades of American History X and Primal Fear in this powerful British drama, even if it can’t quite live up to that Edward Norton one-two. Leeshon Alexander gives an impressive twin performance as a disturbed prisoner and his vicious, subconscious alter ego – destined to commit a racially motivated murder. Based on fact – you know the fate from the outset – its righteous rage makes it sometimes heavy-handed. But there’s a stark beauty to its digital photography and a poignant, nagging sense of sorrow and waste. Watch out for Alexander: he wrote it, too.

Contains a stark beauty and a poignant, nagging sense of sorrow.