A Monkey's Tale Review

Image for A Monkey's Tale

Seperated by a terrible flood, two tribes of monkeys grow to hate each other's banana-grubbing guts until a peace-loving whippersnapper makes amends.


Long ago a great disaster separated two tribes of monkeys, and ever since then, they have lived in perpetual fear of each other, each tribe hating the other. Young rebellious monkey Kom (Hill) however, thinks this is a pretty daft state of affairs and sets out to explore the other tribe's world in a Rodney King-like, "Can't we all just get along?" kinda way.

A Monkey's Tale, with its spartan animation and visually unappealing design, may well be one of the longest 76 minutes you could spend in a cinema this year. More than anything, it recalls badly animated Saturday morning cartoons from the 1970s, although with less wit, style and characterisation. Factor in voices by Rik Mayall, plus a song by Westlife, and you can really understand why illegal monkey poaching is on the rise.

Lame, badly animated and a song by Westlife. Say no more.