Molière Review

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Seventeenth-century playwright Molière is enlisted to ghost write a series of love letters, only to fall for the recipent of the romance himself.


Seventeenth-century playwright Jean-Baptiste Molière went missing for a few months in his early 20s, and this French comedy-drama playfully imagines how he might have spent the time.

Bailed out of a pauper’s prison, the struggling artist is forced to ghost-write love letters for the pompous, deluded M. Jourdain (Luchini) while posing as his priest. But while Jourdain is lavishing his attention on a vain Marquise, his own wife is left open to the charms of the talented wordsmith - and so an amusing farcical romance ensues.

It’s overlong and self-indulgent, but Romain Duris puts in a spirited performance as the mischievous lover.

Light of touch but overlong, this is saved by a sparkling performance from Romain Duris.