Modern Love Review

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An examination of modern relationships (yawn).


The worst ever Burt Reynolds film! Final proof that The Toupee’s career has now irretrievably vanished down the toilet is the worthless little role he has in this truly awful sex comedy. There’s no sex and there’s no comedy, but there’s certainly plenty of plot with Robby Benson marrying Dr Karla De Vito after she removes a wart from his diddler.

There’s a baby (“But how did I get into Mommy’s belly?”), a couple of scenes with Burt as the father-in-law and a massive overdose of bashful hot air from the talentless (written, produced and directed by) Benson — who at least gets his just desserts at one point when the kid does its business in his face.

Doesn't even fall into the 'it's so bad it's good' category. It's just bad and should have been strangled at birth.