Mister Frost Review

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Investigating a tip-off that the mysterious Mister Frost (Goldblum) may have a dead body decaying in his Aston Martin, Inspector Detweiller (Bates) pays a visit to the suspect's English estate only to find him burying the corpse in the garden…


As the bodies pile up in this murder mystery the mysterious Frost is arrested. He then retreats into silence, perplexing the numerous psychiatrists who examine him over the next two years.

Arresting officer Inspector Detweiller, however, unconvinced that Frost is just your everyday psycho, follows him from institution to institution, eventually tracking him down to St Claire's Hospital where his prey finally decides to break his silence and speak to Dr Sarah Day (Baker). And it is hardly surprising that Frost has stayed so resolutely tight-lipped since the very first thing he says is that he is in fact none other than the devil himself, on leave from Hell to bring back the good old days of witch-burning and demonic possession. To convince an understandably sceptical Sarah that he is not just making all this up, Frost comes up with a few unintentionally funny party tricks, most notably turning a quiet young patient into a killer who likes nothing better than shooting a few priests and rabbis.

This Anglo-French production (complete with bad dubbing and foreign licence plates despite being set in England) is littered throughout with symbolic images and dry ice in a tired attempt to convey an impression of the mysterious and unknown.

The only real puzzle here, however, is what Kathy Baker - so good in Clean And Sober - and Jeff Goldblum are doing within a mile of such arrant nonsense.