The Missouri Breaks Review

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A Horse thief buys a holding next to his next target, where the rancher's daughter catches his eye as much as the horses...


Jack Nicholson leads a gang of Montana horse rustlers (including Randy Quaid and Harry Dean Stanton) who buy a smallholding near the ranch of their latest target in Arthur Penn's unusual, revisionist Western.

Probably the only actor in Hollywood who could have got top billing above Nicholson in 1976, Marlon Brando gives a typically eccentric performance as a sadistic, lilac-perfumed regulator whoís hired to protect the stock and leaves chaos in his wake.

It has a similar mood to The Outlaw Josey Wales, released the same year, but while equally violent, it lacks the tension and elegiac quality of Eastwood's film.

Slightly lacking in tension but with a striking performance from Marlon Brando