Missing Review

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Inspired by real life events, Missing is the account of an American man (Lemmon) who goes to Chile in search of his young son who went missing during the riots in 1972. The fact that the coup was abetted by the American government means Lemmon is out for answers as well as the safety of his son.


Winner of the Palme d'Or and Best Actor for Jack Lemmon, this emotional political thriller went on to win an Oscar for Costa-Gavras' and Donald Stewart's screenplay, inspired by the real-life search of straight-laced, loyal American Ed Herman's search for his son who vanished in the murderous rampage of the CIA-abetted Chilean coup of 1973. Gavras pushes all the right buttons in his mix of right-on outrage and personal drama, but it's Lemmon who delivers the punch superbly as the ordinary Joe whose concern turns to horrified rage when he realises the American officials he has turned to are, in fact, accomplices to the sordid cover-up.

Proving Lemmon was equally adept at comedies as well as heavy weight dramas, Missing was one of his great performances, even receiving an Oscar nomination for his work. Meanwhile under the direction of Costa-Gravas the pace never lags and the action is well-balanced with the more emotional scenes.