Into The Mirror Review

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Strange goings on in a department store are investigated by an ex-cop security guard. Bodies start accumulating, most of them in front of mirrors.


Watching a woman having her throat slit by her mirror image is an odd way to start a film, not least because the subsequent police investigation is clearly a redundant side issue. Instead, it's an ex-cop security guard (Yu) at the department store where the slayings are happening who pursues the less rational line of enquiry - all the while being tormented by the memory of a botched hostage situation.

Director Kim struggles to make the mirror-horror concept work, but the main problem is that the victims are all undistinguished characters, meaning there's a real lack of bum-clenching trepidation. Without the potent, haunting style of other, more notable Asian horror exports, Into The Mirror is predominantly a murder mystery with a confusing and inefficient supernatural element.

The limitations of the premise make this a rather limp affair, especially by the standards of Kim's Asian contemporaries.