Mirror Mirror Review

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Moving to a new town with her widowed mam, shy teen Megan is unpopular to say the least at her new school. However, a mysterious mirror sees to the bullies through a series of 'accidents' and Megan wonders if she has opened the door to something evil.


In a big house there’s an old antique mirror with a murderous past and strange possessive powers. Wearing a kind of Gothic Boy George outfit, a painfully shy Rainbow Harvest soon falls under its spell and the result is a succession of her spiteful classmates getting much more than they bargained for.

Basically a Carrie rip-off grafted onto a standard house-with-a-history horror plot, this just about overcomes a soporific central performance with a good line in cruel peer group pressure and a useful (if not very convincing) twist ending.

A ghost-train of a movie - nothing particularly unexpected, but good if you like cheap thrills