Minions Review

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Despicable Me's yellow fellows are charted from the dawn of time and up to '60s London. There they must find a new master. But who is crazy enough for the role?


The Minions, the Despicable Me sidekicks who look like SpongeBob Squarepants’ country cousins, aren’t obvious candidates for a spin-off, possessing neither speech nor clear life goals beyond the accrual of bananas and fart jokes. Yet they prove to be very funny in a lead role, even if their movie can’t find a decent plot for them. The early parts, in which we learn the Minions’ absurd history of accidentally killing their evil bosses, are packed with delightful visual humour. Once speaking characters are introduced it becomes less surreal than awkwardly random, telling a confused story that spends too long just filling time.

Farty, burpy, fall-y over fun tied to a pretty inconsequential plot. Your kids will explode with joy.