Milwaukee, Minnesota Review

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A mentally challenged young man can seemingly speak to fishes. When his overbearing mother dies, it's not long before conmen begin to circle the man and the small fortune he's capable of amassing from angling.


In a freezing Milwaukee suburb resides Albert (Troy Garity), a mentally challenged young man whose apparent ability to talk with the fishes has made him a champion angler.

However, after the death of his overbearing mother, Albert is considered catch of the day by passing con artists who have picked up the scent of his prize-winnings.

Director Allan Mindel presents a promising feature debut, aided by some stark, evocative cinematography and a tender score. The biggest impact, though, comes courtesy of the cast: old-hands Bruce Dern and Randy Quaid add real quality to the proceedings, but it's Henry Fonda's grandson, Garity, who's most memorable, delivering a heart-wrenching, vulnerable performance.

A promising debut from Mindel, aided by stark cinematography, a tender score, and a standout performance from Garity.