Miles From Home Review

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Frank Roberts is having his farm repossessed and doesn't take to kindly to it, torching the place and escaping with his brother.


Richard Gere is Frank Roberts, happily smouldering away as if heÆs in Levis one minute, off and hunted by the law the next.

Poor Frank has got himself into terrible trouble at the bank and instead of offering him an overdraft and competitive rates, the bank muscles in and repossesses his fields. Frank goes bonkers, torches the place and drives off with younger slightly less impetuous brother Terry.

Naturally Frank and Terry meet up with two girls along the way and generally become folk heroes to their fellow farmbelt citizens. Naturally, Frank lets it all go to his head and starts to get a bit silly. Naturally it all ends in tears.

Despite the lingering impression that this film has been made before only then it was called Badlands, Miles From Home is a gentle and occasionally moving story of modern middle America, cleverly written by Alan Parker's best friend Chris Gerolmo and well directed by former theatre bigwig Gary Sinese. Look out for one of his former pupils John Malkovich in a role best described as a cameo.

Familiar but competent look at the state of Middle American farmers and cowboy types.