Midnight Hour Review

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Successful psychologist, Dr. Angela Cross (Paula Barbieri), puts in a new burglar alarm system into her home due to threats she received. Steve Caldwell (Jeff Trachta) and Will Griffith (Andrew Stevens) install her system and after Will gets shot during a burglary attempt. Jeff and Angela have a hot relationship going until another break-in at her house. Angela has some secrets from her past that could be exposed if the tapes stolen are viewed.


Internal evidence suggests this was filmed as Night Eyes 4, since producer/guest star Andrew Stevens appears in the role he played in the first three movies. Hero Jeff Trachta works for the formerly eponymous Night Eyes Security Service, and the plot — a hired bodyguard gets into a steamy affair with a rich ice-queen (Paula Barbieri) who’s part of a murder scheme — bears a remarkable similarity to Night Eyes 1 through 3. By the standards of the erotic thriller genre, the sex is tame, and the mystery is a non-starter.

A erotic thriller which is neither erotic nor thrilling.