Metro Review

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Roper, a hostage negotiator catches a murderous bank robber after a blown heist. The bank robber escapes and immediately goes after the man who put him behind bars. The ending is played out with Roper and his partner McCall attempting to rescue Roper's kidnapped girlfriend. A major element in the plot is the relationship between Roper and his girlfriend


Eddie Murphy deserves some respect, and this straight-laced action drama about a hostage negotiator is new territory for him, especially after the comedic bullseye that was The Nutty Professor.

But the script is a dog, the action set pieces have no narrative build-up to make them more effective and the love interest is a hoot. Metro only hits home when Murphy lightens up and tells a few jokes, which says a lot about which genre he belongs in.

However some of the stunts and action sequences (as far as choreography and stuntwork are concerned) are worth talking about, but as for Murphys attempt of avoiding typecasting by changing his hair, get back to what you know Eddie.

Well below anything else Eddie did before it. Needs a tighter script and a more confident performance.