Metal: A Headbanger's Journey Review

Image for Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

A self confessed, life long metalhead Sam Dunn travels across America, Europe and the UK interviewing some of the greatest names in heavy metal music as he traces its history and searches for the reason as to its enduring phenomenal popularity.


Anthropologist/metalhead Sam Dunn casts a precise eye over one of the most ubiquitous tribes on the planet — that of the headbanger — employing an analytical structure that clearly defines the origins of the music and its myriad components, while introducing us to a bunch of rockers (many of whom prove rather articulate) and clearly outlining the reasons why punters adore them so. And yet this seems like a redundant exercise; those not of the metallic persuasion are unlikely to stump up money to watch the movie, while those who live life in the mosh pit already know why they are there.

A documentary that preaches to the converted if ever there was one, but Dunn's enthusiasm for the subject and the range of pretension and humour of his interviewees makes for fun viewing.