The Merry Gentlemen Review

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Kate is running away from her abusive husband when she meets a curious loner and a cop, unbeknownst to her the latter is chasing the other.


Michael Keaton makes his directorial debut with this character-driven curio. Kelly Macdonald puts in a charming performance as Kate, a Chicago temp fleeing her abusive husband at Christmas. Various men show an interest in her, including loner Frank (Keaton) and cop Dave (Tom Bastounes). What Kate doesn’t know is that Frank is the suicidal hitman Dave is tracking.

You’d think the tension would grow as Kate and Frank become closer, but their quiet, ambiguous friendship keeps this low-key. Despite memorable scenes, the narrative’s aim is never clear: is this a crime drama, dark comedy or a May-December romance?

A few intriguing scenes but that's about it.