Mega Piranha Review

Image for Mega Piranha

Mutant megapiranha emerge from the Orinoco River and make their bitey way towards Florida...


Mutant Venezuelan piranha bigger, leaping out of the Orinoco to eat bikini babes and diplomats. Eventually, they adapt to salt water so they can quit terrorising a South American country the filmmakers don’t care about and devastate the USA. Another slack, dull effort from the company who gave you Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, this has barely enough entertainment to fill a trailer with bad special effects shots (the fish look like angry PacMen and have as much screen presence) and is just the sort of time-waster you can catch most nights on the Syfy Channel. ’50s rubbish like The Giant Claw and ’70s rubbish like Empire Of The Ants have a watchable charm which the makers of these quickies will never manage. Joke’s over.

Makes Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus look like Jaws.