Meet The Robinsons Review

Image for Meet The Robinsons

A child prodigy invents a memory finding machine, but accidentally travels into the future, inadvertently placing the fate of a family he meets in his hands.


The problem with meet The Robinsons is that, like its main character, it has too many ideas running round in its head to make any of them work. There’s the heartwarming story of a brilliant-but-lonely orphan boy and his search for a home; a plot to steal an invention by a flamboyant bad guy; a knockabout comedy about a family of eccentric geniuses; and a time-travel adventure, all fighting for screen time. And while each element is fine, it’s just too much. Sure, the dinosaur attack is fun, but in a film called Meet The Robinsons, shouldn’t the eponymous family get enough screentime to leave an impression?

Kids will enjoy the colourful animation and fun characters, but adults will wish it all made a bit more sense.