Meet Dave Review

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A crew of tiny aliens try to save their planet with the use of their humanoid spaceship . However the aliens find themselves in trouble when their ship becomes besoted with an earth woman.


The batteries finally wear out on Eddie Murphy’s permagrin in this ghastly blend of E. T. and Fantastic Voyage. “Dave” is actually a human-shaped spaceship (Murphy) operated by a crew of ant-size aliens from a command centre inside his head. The captain (Murphy again) is on a mission to destroy Earth, but after landing in New York and encountering A Big-Haired Kid and his Stepford mom (Banks), he and his crew learn to enjoy hotdogs and come to love our crazy human ways. It might have worked as a YouTube sketch, but at 90 minutes this is pure agony - weak gags, mushy platititudes, plots left dangling like spaghetti and Murphy mugging frantically on Emergency Mr. Bean Mode. Avoid.

Avoid like the plague.