McQ Review

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Investigating the shooting of some cops in Seattle, including his partner Stan Boyle, Lieutenant Lon McQ has a hunch that a local drugs hood is behind the crime, a notion which eventually leads him to discover to a web of corruption in the police force.


Having made the big mistake of turning down Dirty Harry three years previously, this was Wayne's belated contribution to the cop movie bandwagon.

Getting to the bottom of a drugs and corruption conspiracy, he smashes one villain's head into a bathroom mirror and sorts out a car full of others with a submachine gun.

Strangely, it's a film without a reputation, but it's scripted and performed at least as well as any of the Dirty Harry sequels and the fact that Wayne, who was well into his sixties at the time (obvious toupee, open necked shirt, slightly leathery orange glow) is far too old only adds to its charm.

Worth giving a whirl just for the scene where our lovable dinosaur walks into a disco.