May Wine Review

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Lorraine Devany is a successful boutique manager. She's married to Tom. They live in a beautifull house in the States with their daughter Cammie. The females in the family head to Paris and both get sexually involved with a gynaecologist, but both think they're the only one to court his affections. Then Lorraine gets a phonecall: Tom is coming to France...


Fortysomething Lorainne (Cassidy) and her petulant 17-year-old daughter Cammie (Flynn Boyle) go to Paris, lose their luggage at the airport and then independently seek out the same doctor for a holiday supply of birth control pills. The pills are, naturally, the most pressing prioritiy for these women, both of whom are shown in happy relationships before their departure.

Two affairs, one bald-headed and decidedly creepy French Casanova - who sees fit to fornicate during a medical exam - and lots of scenic views of the French capital in between tame bedroom antics, this is an absolutely dreadful sex “comedy” with nothing at all to recommend it.

Each of the leads is utterly detestable, especially the good doctor, whose slight semblence of charm is undercut by the exposure of his hairy back.

A truly smarmy, creepy movie, soaked in unpleasant debauchery.