Masterminds Review

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Rafe Bentley, ex-SAS officer and school security consultant, takes over a school and holds the pupils to randsom for millions. Meanwhile Oz, a newly expelled pupil, heads back to the school to play one last prank. Oz must harness his pranking prowess to defeat Bentley and save the school.


Nothing like the highbrow BBC quiz, rather a school hijack movie — part Die Hard, part Under Siege — in which Patrick Stewart, as ex-SAS commander Bentley, takes over a school using hi-tech computer gadgetry, holding its pupils and teachers to randsom, only to fall foul of the talents of teenage bad boy Ozzie (Vincent Karthesis). Ozzie, newly expelled from the school himself, attempts to free the school using prime hacking skills to defeat the intruder, but despite its action quotient and tremendously high concept, Masterminds is let down by an appalling script, which saves its smattering of good lines for Stewart.

Stewart gets the few good lines in an atrocious script that lets the whole film down.