We Are Marshall Review

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Based on the 1970 plane crash that killed members of the Marshall University American football team in the States. McConaughey is the coach who tries to pull the surviving members together, and back into a team.


A reasonably starry cast (Matthews McConaughey and Fox, Ian McShane, David Strathairn) couldn’t save this true-life weepy from straight-to-DVD ignominy.

After a plane crash kills the Marshall University American football team, a heartbroken town and college try to rebuild their lives - led by the new coach who’s determined to see the new team back in the championships as a tribute to the dead.

It tries hard to tug the heartstrings, but between McConaughey’s eccentric mugging, director McG’s uninspired helming and endless scenes of people coping with unbearable tragedy, it doesn’t succeed.

Full marks to Fox and Strathairn, however, who emerge with dignity intact.

Despite a relatively starry cast, this lacklustre effort deserves its straight-to-DVD status.