Married/Unmarried Review

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Four friends talk about their relationships, obsessions and doubts.


Theatre director Noli's first film, made in 2001, is a thoroughly unpleasant piece of work.

Essentially it's a pseudo-intellectual wannabe porn movie in which four handsomely-dressed cyphers spout shallow psychosexual nonsense, the idiocy of which is matched only by its misogyny. ("The only thing worse than a misogynist is a woman," suggests Paul, shortly before sexually humiliating his girlfriend and anally assaulting another girl until she bleeds.)

Visually, however, it's stunning, as though an art director, costume designer and cinematographer decided that writers, directors, characters and plots are superfluous - especially when you know lots of swear words.

Imagine a feature-length Ikea ad with lots of bad sex, or the pages of Misogyny Monthly and an interior design magazine randomly pasted together, and you're only halfway to how unutterably awful this is.

Visually stunning but unutterably awful and unpleasant.