Marmaduke Review

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Loveable mutt Marmaduke (Owen Wilson) makes life awkward for the Winslow family.


When did Lee Pace and Judy Greer get old enough to play the parents of a teenager? Where did adapting a comic-strip about a comically destructive giant dog turn him into the canine version of an American high-schooler in an astonishingly derivative fish-out-of-water plot? What is William H. Macy doing? Why did no-one at the studio notice that this plot was entirely recycled from a string of forgettable family comedies and teen movies? Who do they think that this ill-considered mishmash of teen be-yourself proselytising and kiddie fart jokes will appeal to?

The cast struggle manfully through, and you might crack a smile (an Almost Famous “I am a golden dog!” reference is bizarre but at least amusing), but the entire effort is misconceived and the effects dodgy. Bad dog!

Mirthless family romp that hits all the lowest comedy dominators.