Marius Review

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Marseilles, 1920s. Torn between his wanderlust and his eye for beautiful shellfish hawker (Bélézy), Marius (Personnaz) is mortified to find a wealthy older man steal her hand, if not her affections. Blunt advice from dad Cesar (Auteuil) pushes his towards


Based on Marcel Pagnol's play, Marius follows the titular 18 year-old (Raphaël Personnaz), caught between Fanny (Victoire Bélézy) and his dreams of seeing the world. Strong performances, warmth and light comedy abound, even if it is a bit stagey. Follow-up Fanny (out the same day) continues in a similar vein.

A surprising resurrection of the old Pagnol tale, its a tad stagey but charming with it.