A Man's Story Review

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Director Varon Bonicos's camera crew spent 12 years tailing Ozwald Boateng accruing footage of the OBE-winning fashion designer at work and play. The results show a man at the top of his craft.


Celebrities often have a warped sense of self-importance, which Ozwald Boateng — Savile Row tailor to the stars — should know something about. In this narcissistic documentary on Boateng’s business, however, the designer has a surfeit of Hollywood-esque ego, referring to himself in the third person and employing documentarian Varon Bonicas to follow him for 12 years to fashion shows and hotel suites, where his daily tasks include measuring the width of Michael Bay’s ass. Given the level of access one would expect some moments of insight and truth. Yet A Man’s Story plays out as a missed opportunity to understand any of Boateng’s real struggles beyond keeping his model wife entertained, leaving the viewer doubting whether this man ever had a story to tell.

Tiresome puff piece about Ozwald Boateng that you'd actually need to be Ozwald Boateng to enjoy.