Any Man's Death Review

Image for Any Man's Death

When a photo-journalist vanishes while covering an African civil war, a roll of film holds the only clues to his disappearance. Following the trail found in the photos, a veteran reporter finds himself in the middle of events as they escalate into war, leaving him with two deadly and disastrous options.


Reporter Leon Abrahams (Savage) is sent to Namibia to discover the whereabouts of a fellow journalist. While nosing around the jungle after his task is completed he stumbles upon an unregenerate Nazi war criminal (Hickey) and ex-SS protector (Borgnine) . As he mulls over what do with this information, the Nazi continues laying the groundwork for a worldwide neofascist conspiracy.

Add to all this the fact that Savage is traumatised from his experiences in Vietnam and the result is an indigestible mess of hamming anguish. Despite the presence of such thespic heavyweights as Hickey and Borgnine, Any Man's Death comes nowhere near to living up to its potential.

A risible attempt at combining a big ethical dilemma within the standard action movie format.