Making Up Review

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Franzy believes she's through with men, but desperately needs new amorous story lines for the comic strip she writes for a newspaper.


The second half of a perky German double-bill — the opener being the marvellously-titled The Most Beautiful Breasts In The World — this stars Riemann as Frenzy, a cartoonist suffering from drawer’s block, a no-more-men policy and a nurse friend, Maischa (Kronjager), who’s desperate to attract the gaze of dreamboat Rene (Gedeon Burkhard). When she does, Frenzy is dragged along on a double date, lumbered with Mark (Max Tidof) the not-so-New Lad who earlier pee’d on her shoes in the park.
Having discovered that Rene is dull, vain and makes love like he’s pumping up a dinghy, Maischa scrubs him out of her system and vows to reduce her libido, while the other two, unhampered by hopes of any kind, are larking about on the swings and planning their next outing. This is a Be Yourself tale for the DIY 90s, with the women sitting in a tree and plumping for slotting lurve into their busy schedules in small doses, but it’s rescued from routine by student director von Garnier’s fresh, witty eye, which locks piercingly on the humiliating hazards of modern romance.
The Most Beautiful Breasts is a weirdsville 15-minute short about the public image of big boobs. Said mammaries swap owners when hotel guests Jeanette (Eva Kryll) and Simon (Dominic Raacke) are squashed together in a lift door. She’s relieved because her work is suddenly taken seriously while he rushes to a cosmetic surgeon who reckons it would be a crime to remove the “hottest tits” he’s ever seen. Rainer Kaufman’s comedy doesn’t stretch beyond the what-if-men-could-be-women scenario but it’s a lip-curling opener for the main feature.

Short and sweet