Magic Magic Review

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Holidaying in the south of Chile with her cousin Sarah (Browning) and a group of her friends, Alicia (Temple) is beset by insomnia. As her grip of the reality around her loosens, the trip descends into the realms of nightmare.


Mental illness is such a terrifying thing, it’s strange that it isn’t the basis of more psychological horror films. Here, insular Alicia (Juno Temple) suffers what seems to be a breakdown while holidaying with her cousin Sarah (Emily Browning), her already fragile mind disturbed by the obnoxious antics of Sarah’s friend, Brink (Michael Cera). Temple gives a raw performance as the girl with the unravelling psyche, and there are echoes of early Polanski (not to mention cult horror Let’s Scare Jessica To Death), but ultimately Chilean writer-director Sebastián Silva’s neither-fish-nor-fowl narrative plays tricks on our minds, without fully engaging our senses.

An unnerving portrayal of an unraveling mind.