The Magic Hour Review

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Five disabled directors create five short films around the theme of disability.


This is a portmanteau of short films by five disabled directors. John Williams’ Paraphernalia centres on Elijah Muhammad’s love-hate relationship with the machine keeping him alive, while William Mager’s Hands Solo profiles a deaf porn actor whose manual dexterity can send his co-star into an orgasmic coma. Andrew Gibbs’ Buttermouth is a Claymation vignette in which a blind mother discovers the sacrifices her daughter has made to disguise their poverty.

The Void Mediabox Group’s The Hunger House celebrates friendship in the face of the Nazis’ euthanasia programme, while Katherine Araniello directs herself in Follow Me On My Journey To Die, about a wheelchair-bound artist. Laudable.

A laudable achievement that deserves the widest possible audience