Madhouse Review

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A couple suffer a string of misfortunes from crazed house guests to bad plumbing and a vomiting cat.


What we have here is basically Comic Plot No.3 (Professional Marrieds, No Kids, Move Into New Home), Variation B (The Invasion Of The Houseguests From Hell). Husband Mark (Larroquette, star of the US sitcom Night Court) is some sort of financial whiz, wife Jessie (Alley of Cheers) a relentlessly perky TV reporter.

Neither of them can be all that bright, however, since they have scarcely crossed the threshold themselves before allowing into their home a familiar line-up of uninvited visitors with all manner of attendant misfortunes and predictable catastrophes.

No domestic horror is unplumbed here with, in addition to the usual appalling relatives, a vomiting, demonic cat, some poisonous neighbours, one standard seductive teeny and wisecracking small boy, plus a Colombian drugs runner and a baby elephant in the kitchen just to be, er, zany.

The engaging Larroquette and Alley are quite superb comedians and while they are fruitlessly employed here in flogging a dead horse, they do it so tirelessly there are moments when Old Dobbin almost seems to have a few last gasps of breath left in him.

Gauged on a count of wit or originality this doesn't even register.