The Lunchbox Review

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When cranky widower Saajan (Khan) finds his workplace lunchbox switched with a co-worker's, the mishap sets in train a tentative flirtation with Ila (Kaur), the lady responsible for those culinary marvels.


A snafu by one of the 5000 couriers delivering lunchboxes across Mumbai sparks an unexpected epistolatory romance in Ritesh Batra’s delightful debut. Hoping to spice up her marriage, housewife Nimrat Kaur sends her husband a special meal. But a wayward dabawallah hands the tiffin tin to gruff, soon-to-retire accountant Irffan Khan, who is sufficiently smitten by the food and the notes Kaur keeps sending to find this chef who has stirred his soul. The slow-burning relationship is handled with wit, charm and poignancy, but Batra and cinematographer Michael Simmonds also excel at conveying loneliness in a teeming metropolis.

Charming and whimsical, it's a feast for the eyes.