Luck, Trust & Ketchup Review

Image for Luck, Trust & Ketchup

Follows Robert Altman's creative process during the pre-production and then production of Short Cuts.


‘Making of’ documentaries are so commonplace as DVD extras they can easily be taken for granted. Most memorable examples focus on troubled shoots, but this follows the harmonious (though not undramatic) making of a successful film, Short Cuts.

Raymond Carver, whose stories were woven into the script, is represented by his widow, who has a lot to say, as the film follows Robert Altman through the process of turning tiny, enigmatic anecdotes into a movie, affording insight into his unusual methods. The only cavil is that if you’re an Altmaniac, you probably already have this in the Criterion R1 Short Cuts release.

Both enlightening and engaging, this is a treat for fans of the director, the film or great film production in general.