Lovewrecked Review

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Jenny not only finds herself on a Caribbean cruise with her popstar idol, Jason, but then they are shipwrecked alone on an island. When she finds out they are mere miles from their resort, she keeps her mouth shut to spend more time with him.


When it comes to both romance and comedy, this Amanda Bynes vehicle has bags of potential. Teen Jenny is washed up onto a ‘desert island’ with her handsome rock star idol Jason. Once she discovers they’re actually three miles from a Caribbean resort, she keeps schtum and plays along with the shipwreck scenario (interestingly, Kleiser directed the remake of The Blue Lagoon). But a confused tone, thin characters and laboured plotting all but zap the potential.

Jason (Chris Carmack) is a one-note idiot, while Jenny’s attempts to dupe him are fitfully amusing but morally uncomfortable. And her unfeasibly gorgeous best friend (Jonathan Bennett) makes the ending a no-brainer.

Potentially a smart dark comedy, this confused film ends up as average escapism for young girls only