She's So Lovely Review

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Maureen's mentally ill husband Eddie goes missing for a few days. Upon his return he finds his wife has been beaten up by their neighbour Kiefer. Eddie goes mad, shoots a social worker and spends the next 10 years in a secure prison. Upon his release he goes to find Maureen, only to find that she has remarried Joey and has three children. Believing that one of the children is his, Eddie goes to their home to try and reclaim what's his.


Nick Cassavettes offers up a darkly comic tale, written by his brother John, of self destructive husband and wife duo Eddie and Maureen, the former going missing, suffering a psychotic episode, before shooting a social worker and is committed to an asylum for ten years. In the mean time, Maureen remarries Joey (a John Travolta cameo) and has children (one of whom is Eddie’s) and lives an idyllic if dull second life until Eddie is released to torment her with visions of the life she once had. An acting masterclass from Penn in a brooding film punctuated with flashes of comedy

Sean Penn is brilliant in this dark and blackly funny film.