Love Me Tender Review

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When Clint Reno's brother Vance comes back from fighting in the Confederate army during the American Civil War to find that his old flame has married his sibling, the family has to struggle to reach stability as Vance goes off the rails.


Elvis' first film was a pretty ordinary Civil War Western, originally titled The Reno Brothers.

Richard Egan, a Confederate hero with a stash of stolen Union gold, comes home after the War to find that his little brother, Elvis in a role originally intended for Cameron Mitchell, has up and married his sweetheart Debra Paget.

Amid the usual back-shooting, horse-riding and claim-jumping you'd expect, Elvis gets to belt out a few rock'n' roll numbers, including the title hit and the barn-stomping Let Me, in which his swivel hip dance movements might not exactly be historically accurate but what the hell...

Hardly biographical but with the King belting 'em out in his inimitable style, who could complain?