Love (2012) Review

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America, 1865. Captain Briggs (Horne) is sent to investigate a mysterious object during a Civil War battle. More than 170 years later, spaceman Lee Miller (Gunner Wright) is stranded aboard the International Space Station and left with only haphazard communication links back to Earth. He's all but cut off, but is he starting to crack up too?


Astronaut Lee Miller (Gunner Wright) is sent to the International Space Station orbiting the Earth to reestablish the research facility. Communications with Earth become patchy and he finds himself left alone in space. An ambitious, micro-budgeted space opera, this evokes 2001, but also cosies up next to more recent visionary sci-fi indies such as Primer and Moon. Wright, virtually alone throughout, gives a tour de force performance as the astronaut on the verge of cracking up, and writer-director William Eubank does things with a pocket-money budget that a studio megaproduction couldn’t manage a generation ago.

Wildly ambitious, Eubank's sci-fi often hits the mark.