Louise-Michel Review

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Newly unemployed worker Louise (Moreau) hires security guard Michel (Lanners) to kill the man who closed down her factory. When they find out that they've got completely the wrong man they don't let it deter them from giving it another go.


Revelling in the opportunity to trample political correctness while also kicking such liberal themes as capitalism and ecology, this is a riotous road movie destined for cult status. Having hired a hitman to kill the boss who closed her Picardy textile factory, bruiser Yolande Moreau discovers she’s offed the wrong man and drags Bouli Lanners to Jersey to finish the job. The madcap action briefly threatens to derail during the surrealist digressions, providing choice cameos for Benoît Poelvoorde (as a demented conspiracy theorist) and Mathieu Kassovitz (a green-fixated innkeeper). Anarchic, subversive and furiously funny.

A darkly funny film in the same vein as Micmacs, this French crime caper political correctness gets le boot.