The Lords Of Salem Review

Image for The Lords Of Salem

When a Salem radio DJ (Sheri Moon Zombie) receives a box containing a record as a "gift from the Lords", the mysterious vinyl sparks memories of the town's bloody past. But is she hallucinating or is trouble in store?


In an unexpected turn, gorehound Rob Zombie has dropped the slasher genre for something more ambitious: a retro occult horror that draws on Polanski, The Shining and Ken Russell — and still ends up looking like an Ozzy Osbourne video. If hot goat imagery, wanking bishops and midget gimps are your thing, your luck’s in. Mrs. Zombie, Sheri Moon, plays a late-night radio DJ, recipient of an album that seems to be summoning Salem’s witches for a comeback gig. The odd flashback strikes a pervy chord, but the tone, and cast, are all over the place. We sat through it with a knowing smile, but Mr. Zombie might have been after a different reaction.

A mishmash of ill-fitting horror weirdnesses that will keep hardcore Zombs happy but won't wow the casual dabbler.