The Lookout Review

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A mentally impaired ex-athlete (Gordon-Levitt) who works at a bank is drawn into a heist.


Scott Frank has written his fair share of crime-themed adaptations (Get Shorty, Out Of Sight, Minority Report), and he sticks to the wrong side of the law for his directorial debut.

Suffering from memory problems due to a head injury caused by a car crash in which he killed his friends, Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a classic crime stooge, ripe for exploitation by a gang of bank robbers. Although the characters are intriguingly off-centre, the film would be better if it concentrated on pulp atmosphere rather than indie credibility.

There are plot-holes (would Chris be allowed to drive?) but Gordon-Levitt covers up with a typically edgy turn. On top of Manic and Brick, this proves he’s the Keanu who can act.

Plot holes and a mixed tone lessen the impact but Gordon-Levitt holds it together with a strong lead performance.